Panic! At The Disco

Over the past few years, I have poured my heart and soul into collecting rare Panic! performances. The purpose of this site is to provide Panic! fans accessibility to their favorite band in a musical light they may not have heard before, while providing new fans a glimpse of who the band used to be. If any track is sold online or in stores, I will not post it here. I am not looking for trouble. We are not pirates; we are fans!

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A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

Full Shows: Boxset DVD || Astoria
Live Sets: KROQ Almost Acoustic Xmas || Reading 2006 || Reading 2007
Sessions: AOL
Other: Misc Live || Demos and Remixes

Pretty. Odd.

Full Shows: Norway || Werchter || Southside || Oxegen || Wuppertal
Live Sets: MTVu || FNMTV || Glastonbury || MTV Canada
Sessions: AT&T Blue Room || NPR || AOL
Other: Demos/Alternates || Misc Live || Pretty Odd Instrumental

Vices & Virtues

Full Shows: Telekom Extreme Playgrounds || Charter Center Stage || Bowery Ballroom
Live Sets: Reading 2011 || BBC Radio 1
Sessions: Radio 103.9 || Decently Funny Podcast || Take 40 || Absolute || Radio 94.7
Other: Misc Live

Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die

Sessions: Radio 104.5 || Billboard || MTV Buzzworthy || Live at JBTV
Other: Jimmy Kimmel Live || New Year's Eve 2014 || Live on Conan
Full Show: Live at Jacobs Pavilion (Listen | Watch | Download MP3)
Full Show: Live at Comerica Theatre (Listen | Watch | Download MP3)
Full Show: Live at KROQ Weenie Roast (Listen | Watch | Download MP3)